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Social Media Consultant and Creative Director

Laura Barrett Larkins is a marketing expert and content creator with over a decade of experience. During her time in the industry she has carved out a distinctive niche in the realm of luxury brands, lifestyle brands, and social media. Her approach intertwines the prestige of high-end brands with the connective power of digital platforms. She understands that in today’s world, selling a product online isn’t just about the quality of a product; it’s also about the story behind it. Laura leverages social media to craft and disseminate these stories, building an engaging brand persona that resonates with discerning consumers who seek more than just material opulence; they seek a lifestyle.

Last of the Summer Flowers

Literally my last vase full (old family vase) of the summers flowers from my garden 2023. I love sewing flower seeds and growing them on. Only the pink striped ones were my homegrown flowers. Needless to say I thought they were a worthy bunch to try painting. This is my first floral painting. I did study Fine Art many moons ago. After a loooong break I’ve been back oil painting for nearly 3 years now. I’m a member of HVAF and show my work through their exhibition opportunities and through Mardleybury Gallery, Datchworth. My main work theme I continually return to is fungi and the woodland floor. Identifying fungus is a bit of a fascination …but I won’t dig them up to do so!! Other areas of art interest are drawing and printing, my favourite there being mezzotint.

Emma Black

I work in a range of areas within art and use a range of mediums. I don’t like to pigeon myself into one box.

Joana Gil

Professional Singer, Singing Teacher and Certified Early Years Music Educator.

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