Yoshie Allan

Yoshie Allan

Yoshie is a self-taught visual artist, illustrator, and pattern designer.

After spending her childhood in Fukushima, Japan, where she combined her imaginative world and creative skills – such as DIY, drawing, and sewing – largely influenced by her grandmother and father, she changed her path while studying in Nihon University’s Veterinary course and shifted her focus to fashion design at Esmod Japon, Tokyo.

Following her experience in the apparel industry, she began showcasing her artwork as an illustrator and collage artist based in Tokyo from 2006 onwards.

Yoshie has engaged in various projects, including the creation of published picture books and illustrations, collage and pattern designs for advertisements and products, as well as three-dimensional fabric artwork and custom-made pieces for individual and commercial clients and exhibitions. 

She also experienced many collaborative works with like-minded creators, companies and brands. For example, ’Sas and Yosh’, design duo, co-founded with British artist Sarah Bellisario, has produced designs for commercial spaces and hospitals, book illustrations, fabric patterns, and more, utilising both hand and digital illustration techniques and sharing their creativity in the UK and internationally.

In recent years, she has found special inspiration in the contrast between light and shadow within the natural world. She has been experimenting with expressing her own philosophy of life through painting, drawing, paper cutting, and various colourful fabric artworks and patterns.

Yoshie has lived  in Hertfordshire, UK, with her family for over 12 years. 

Alongside her ongoing career as an artist, her life’s work now includes a dog walking business, initiated by her beloved dog Margo, which has also inspired her to become a bespoke pet portrait artist. Her endeavours are filled with laughter and discoveries, fostering great connections with humans, animals, and nature.

“Creation is all around us, in nature’s beauty, light and shadow, sounds and scents, colours, and textures. It’s also in the way we share emotions and touch hearts in our interactions with one another. We all have special tools to share these experiences. 

As an artist, my aim is to bring people together through art, sculptures, and workshops, creating connections and spreading the joy of feeling.” 

– Published Books –

“Yoshie Fondre” (publisher: Kadokawa Shoten, Japan)

“Ponporutontan” (publisher: Shodensha, Japan)

“Tsukimimoza” (publisher: Skyfish Graphix, Japan)

“Giidoro and Malenkaren”  (publisher: Skyfish Graphix, Japan)

“Happy Easter” (publisher: Kumon publishing, Japan)

All written and illustrated by Yoshie.

– Exhibitions – 

2006 Solo exhibition “Yoshie Fondre” to celebrate the publication (LAPNET SHIP Harajuku, Tokyo)

2007 Group exhibition “rambling ranch. nuts” (LAPNET SHIP Harajuku, Tokyo)

2007-2009 Group exhibitions, original artwork exhibitions to celebrate book releases, exhibitions at cafes and select shops (Tokyo, Kyoto, Kumamoto, etc. in Japan)

2009 Group exhibition “Ego・Eco Exhibition” by material recycling artists (AC Gallery Ginza, Tokyo)

2010 Group exhibition ”Kiss the Earth” material recycling art exhibition by 13 artists (ISETAN Shinjuku, Tokyo)

2017 Solo exhibition “One night stand” (hosted by collaborative artist duo ‘Sas and Yosh’(London)

2022 Group exhibition “ArigaTo The World” (Sway Gallery, London)

2022 Pop up exhibition “Papillon x Atelier Yoshie Allan” (MILK little garden room, Fukushima)

2023 Solo exhibition ”Hide & Seek” (YEAST Shibuya, Tokyo)

2023 Solo exhibition “Chat with Flowers in the UK” (Art cafe Petit Peche, Fukushima)

2023 Group exhibition “Art House vol.1- Stuart Jones x Yoshie Allan” (Private view, UK) 

among others.

Upcoming – 2024 Solo exhibition (‘The arches’ at North Herts Museum, UK)

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