Hitchin Art Trail 2023 was the biggest the town has ever seen. It used to be a regular feature of the Hitchin Festival and the Hitchin Creative team was delighted to start it up again after the restrictions of the last few years.  

This year more than 150 art works were included in 44  venues around the town including shops, restaurants and businesses.

The work of more than 50 artists was displayed in widows, inside shops and at the British Schools Museum for Art Trailers to discover using our detailed map.

One of the highlights has to have been the work from Whitehill School’s Photography Club ingeniously displayed inside desk lids in the museum’s small classroom.  Wherever possible the style of art works were matched in some way to that of the host venue so who could forget Matt Burden’s Kittens and Flowers at Collusion!

Hitchin Creative sends congratulations to everyone who took part and to all the artists who sold work during the month. This celebration of creativity allowed new partnerships and connections to take place and helped promote the work of artists to a wider audience of visitors to the town.  One visitor was overheard to say whilst looking at a window of art works: “What a great thing this is. I wish our town could do something like this!”

We would like to thank all the businesses who got involved this year and we’ll welcome even more in 2024!


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