About Hitchin Creative

Hitchin Creative is an inclusive and diverse group of creative professionals who live and work in or around the town.

Focused on Hitchin’s rich and varied creative community, it was founded in 2021 with the intention of galvanising all aspects of the cultural arts to celebrate and enhance the lives and wellbeing of all who live in or visit Hitchin.


Hitchin Creative reflects the strength and diversity of the creative industries, while supporting a strong network of professional practitioners who thrive on partnership, vision, enterprise and ambition for themselves while enhancing the health and happiness of all who live in or visit Hitchin.

Hitchin Creative believes in discovering, developing, supporting and promoting all aspects of the arts in Hitchin and the surrounding area.

Hitchin Creative aims to seek out, nurture and showcase new talent.

Support for creative professionals

Hitchin Creative will strengthen the local economy by providing networking opportunities, advice, mentoring, promotion, signposting and – in the long term – facilitating specialist studio and office space suitable for a range of experienced and entrepreneurial creatives.  

To make Hitchin a fertile environment for the arts

Creativity thrives on collaboration, experimentation and interaction across specialist areas of expertise. Hitchin Creative will endeavour to provide a welcoming and supportive platform where partnerships can easily and successfully flourish.

Provide high quality cultural and learning experiences

Hitchin Creative delivers and supports others through a wide range of cultural events and learning opportunities engaging with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Increase the appeal of Hitchin for residents and visitors

Hitchin is a thriving and lively market town containing a pool of creative talent who could further increase the creative sector’s contribution to the wider local economy through the promotion of the town’s  historical, leisure, and cultural activities increasing footfall and community engagement.

Be a driver for social change

Hitchin Creative believes access to the  arts improves healthy living, wellbeing, and happiness all of which enhance community spirit and improve the environment we live in.

Collaborate with organisations who share our objectives

Hitchin Creative will collaborate with local authorities, businesses, schools, voluntary organisations and individuals to deliver our objectives.

A sustainable not-for-profit approach

Hitchin Creative will be a Community Interest Company, which means all profits are invested back into further projects for the benefit of the community.


Hitchin Creative is a network of professional practitioners who will encourage access to, and the development of,  affordable sustainable resources, making them available to a wider creative community.

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